Managed Transportation Services

CTS delivers a comprehensive outsourcing Managed Transportation Service for customers seeking to enhance processes, reduce overall cost and focus on strategic objectives. By allowing CTS to manage the day to day operations our customers realize tangible cost savings ranging between 8-20%. Managed Freight Service is our core competency and customers benefit from our experience and results.

Customers can out-source their day-to-day transportation processes and / or entire function and maintain strategic control. If you need help with planning, execution or load & route optimization or if you are still utilizing Excel spreadsheets to manage your transportation system...CTS Managed Transportation Services can help! We help customers through a collaborative effort that creates a business process out-source solution that is executable and delivers the customers specific needs.


  • Managed Transportation directly improves efficiency, profitability, service and cost savings for our customers.
  • CTS delivers an out-source managed transportation service through a collaborative effort.

Our Services are built on three principles; Connecting, Visibility and Solutions.

CONNECTING (Planning & Execution)
  • Transportation modes; Truckload, LTL, Rail, Ocean, Air
  • Rate / Contract management
  • Compliance
  • Order / Shipment Management
  • Load / Route Optimization
  • Maximize load factor (Efficiency, Profitability, Revenue)
  • Maximize route cost savings (Efficiency, Profitability)
  • Event Management
  • Exception information and reporting
  • Claim Management
  • Customers are involved in the decision making process.
  • Joint collaboration on final negotiated carrier’s rates and carrier selections.
  • Comprehensive Web based electronic access.
  • Reporting
  • Exception Management
  • Collaborate with customers to develop customer centered solutions
  • Business Partner relationship
  • ROI is realized through improved efficiency and overall logistical cost savings.